Storytime: Time and life

Happy Easter, Vacations, Holidays to everyone:)

Feliz Páscoa, Férias e Feriado a todos 🙂

Today, I felt like writing, so I thought of sharing with you


With her mug in her hand, she sat on the porch feeling all her joints cracking. The sky looked as someone had brushed orange and pink colors on top of the silent sea. The seagulls sang a melody that brought Amelia’s memory to 68 years ago.


She had spent all days playing in the beach with her grandma. She had been staying with them for the Easter vacations. Late that night, grandma snuggle her down into the covers, and Amelia prevented a yawn to escape, as she wanted grandma to tell her a story. Amelia looked at the kind blue eyes of her grandma, she had the sweetest voice. Amelia fell her eyes heavy, as grandma flipped the pages of the pink book. Before falling asleep, Amelia let a smile escape and whispered, “One day, I’ll look back to what my life was when I was young, and I hope that I can remember this very moment”. Her grandma hugged her and a warm tear fell in Amelia hair. A few seconds later she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


Now in her grandma diary, she could read what happened afterwards.

diario de Sol

Amelia had smiled, that smile that always makes me smile back. Her sweet sweet words, filled my heart, and as I listened to her soft breathing, I stayed awake thinking about my own grandma, my life, my son and now my granddaughter, all the choices in our lives that make these moments possible. It doesn’t matter what we have done or where we go, all the what ifs. The tick tock of the clock doesn’t matter, since each single moment in our lives holds a beautiful mystery.


In this crazy world, where Time seem to flip the pages of the calendar without we even realizing it, we should take a moment and stop, to recognize that each moment of our lives is a beautiful mystery and there is so many possibilities out there, awaiting to be discover.

Now is your turn, let me know your story, your thoughts…


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