Review: Revlon Photoready Primer, Shadow + Sparkle

Hi everyone,

Today I’m doing a quick review on the Revlon PhotoreadyTM Primer, Shadow + Sparkle.

There is 8 palette options:


This palette consists of five pressed powders advertised as:


– 3 highly pigmented shadows

– sparkle top coat.

The diagrammed instructions on the back of the package direct you to:

1. Place the “primer” powder all over the eyelid up to the brow bone;

The texture is almost creamy feel and applies very smoothly, but I didn’t really notice the must of a difference with or without.

2. Apply to apply each of the three shadow shades over the lid, crease, and brow bone, going from area to area with a new color each time;

The shadows are really pigmented, and are a mix of shimmer and sparkle, very easy to apply. And of course you can play with them, don’t need to follow the rules.

3. The last step is to “enhance” with the topcoat.

The sparkle and shine of the shadow shades adheres well to the skin, but the topcoat, which is really just a super glittery powder,  tends to drip and flake.

It comes with two sponge applicators, which I’m not a fan and doesn’t have a mirror.

I bought the Impressionist palette and I really like that dark brown color, the eyeshadows are really pigmented and it did last for a considerable time. My least favorite is the pink topcoat, it just feels like glittery powder


2 jpeg_


  • Richly pigmented shadow shades that blend well.


  • No option for matte shades.
  • The glittery “sparkle coat” flakes.
  • Primer powder doesn’t make eyeshadow last longer or stop it from creasing.



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